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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services:

Texas Dental Tech understands that no one has time to deal with random computer glitches. That is why we strive for the quickest "Hands to Keyboard" response time possible. In order to have as minimal downtime as possible. We also provide network monitoring and security, user data backups to OneDrive, system patch management, and other services because, we understand that you and your team must concentrate on patients rather than your IT infrastructure.

Hardware & Software Procurement:

We assist our clients in locating, purchasing, and installing hardware and software solutions that are tailored for their office. We do not sell hardware to earn a profit, but rather to ensure that your office is always at its peak performance. We concentrate on locating the computers you require, inspecting and configuring them before delivering them to you. Assuring that your devices are designed to work in your specific environment.

Cybersecurity & Document Management:

Cybersecurity is one of our main priorities. We’ve seen how little other MSPs care about following through on their cyber security promises and make it a point to deliver where they don’t. We use next generation firewalls with advanced features to inspect traffic going in and out of your organization. We monitor network traffic, patch management, antivirus software, and system logs. Ensuring the safety of your systems and data.
We focus on cloud and hybrid data systems to make sure that your data is easily accessible and recoverable. Keeping you and your workforce flexible and secure. Our systems keep your data encrypted when it is in transit and at rest, making sure to comply with HIPAA standards and keep your mind at ease.
We also understand that no matter how stiff our security gets. The weakest link will always be the end user. Studies have consistently shown that a significant percentage of cyber-attacks are caused by human error or behavior, such as phishing scams or weak passwords. That is why we put in security policies that are embraced by those at the top of the cyber security industry. Along with offering cyber security training programs for your employees. Taking one more worry off of your mind.

Backups & Disaster Recovery:

We put a lot into security, but we know that you can never predict the future. That’s why we are very serious when it comes to backing up and replicating your data and systems. We have seen companies that use on-site backups and cloud backups and know the benefits and drawbacks. That’s why our system uses both.

The reason we use this hybrid system is that we want your systems and data to be back up and running as soon as possible if something goes down and because we want to make sure that those backups still exist in the case that some catastrophic event occurs.

If you only have your backups in the cloud and a server goes down, it could take anywhere from one day to a week to get that server back up. Having a backup server on-site allows us to get you back up and running within 30 minutes. Saving you thousands of dollars in possible lost revenue.

On the other hand, only having an on-site backup server means that if a fire or some other type of disaster happened at the office, you would have nothing left of your server. Leaving you to start over completely.

Phones & Communication:

Information Technology is the field built around the movement of information. So naturally we want to offer our clients a modern phone system. With our 3CX phone system you can handle calls from your desk phone or software on your computer, your cell phone, or even a tablet. Allowing you to call from and receive calls from your office phone system anywhere in the world without forwarding numbers and mixing up voice mail boxes. This gives you much more flexibility when something like a power outage happens, and you need to call your patients to reschedule. You can have an employee call patients from the office phone system while looking at your schedule calendar that lives in the cloud all from a cell phone or computer at home.

The software phone has an easy-to-use interface that allows the end user to customize the layout and allows easy transfers and visibility of who is on a call. Along with many other benefits.

If that’s not high speed enough for you, we can even integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams. Putting messaging, file sharing, video conferencing, and phone calls all in one place.

And don’t worry about being charged for every recording or automated attendant you want to put in. If you want something like that just tell us and we will get it done. We only charge for how many simultaneous calls you need and how much data you use.


How We Do It

First step is to schedule a meeting. This can be done either virtually or in person. We'll just have a short talk about your practice's needs and determine whether we're a suitable fit for you during this meeting.

If it turns out that we are a good fit, we will organize an in-person meeting along with an initial IT audit. 
We will assess the state of your IT infrastructure and begin formulating plans to bring your systems where they need to be, as well as obtaining pricing for you to review.

If you decide to hire Texas Dental Tech to manage your IT, we will return and begin installing our management software and gathering the data we will need to administer all of your systems. At this point, we will also conduct a thorough cyber security audit so that we can begin making preparations to harden your network.

After we have analyzed everything, we will begin making recommendations and scheduling upgrades and other improvements with you.

We will begin executing our strategy and managing your systems after all plans have been authorized. Placing you at the cutting edge of technology.


About Us

The Texas Dental Tech team is a premier managed services provider for dental offices. With over 20 years of experience in the MSP world, we have honed our skills in providing comprehensive IT solutions across the great state of Texas.



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